Lead generation for Accountants

We specialise in helping accountants source new clients.

Accountancy firms tell us they often struggle to get in front of new commercial clients. They tell us they have the perception that:

  • The partners only have so many personal contacts to win business from
  • Marketing doesn’t generate sales leads
  • Marketing does generate new leads but it's with the wrong kind of clients
  • Telemarketing might work but we worry about if it's done badly and damages our reputation?

The sense of inertia that traditionally stops many businesses from changing accountants is falling away. In the face of this challenge, practices who review their current marketing activities often find the ROI makes for uncomfortable reading.

Our Lead Generation Services

We provide telemarketing and lead generation services for accountants that deliver. As a specialist provider to professional service firms we know how to approach prospective clients in a manner that’s appropriate to the profession to best represent your brand and your reputation. This includes

  • New client relationships
  • Nurtured opportunities
  • Meetings with prospective clients

It's all about having the right fit so that when we speak to prospective clients, we represent your accountancy firm in the way that befits your reputation, whilst creating a rapport that brings new clients to your firm.

How much is one new client worth to you?

To explore if what we do might be relevant for your accountancy firm why not get in touch today? Call now on 0208 123 1383 or fill in the enquiry form and one of our team will call you back.

"They helped me to refine my approach to the market, and they are doing a great job to support my business growth. As small but growing practice I need to ensure every penny we spend has a good ROI, and I couldn't be happier with GenLead's work."

Managing partner, Accountancy Practice, London